Feb 152017

The long, dark clear-skied evenings of winter provide excellent conditions for viewing celestial events and hours for gardeners to daydream about spring planting ideas. It’s also a great time to give your kids ideas for future papers or science projects.

Depending on the hour, Juniper (very early morning) and Venus (after sunset) have been putting on a show. In case you don’t know, it is they are the objects in the nighttime sky that currently are the brightest, other than the moon, of course.

Reminiscing, Nursery owner David Bates recently wrote: “I think  I was eight when I first experienced a solar eclipse chart and realized there would be a total eclipse in 2017.” I realized at that time that I would be 61 when that happened. And now it is here!

To see an animation of how the eclipse will look on Aug 21, 2017 at 1:27pm., click on the link or paste a copy of the link below into your browser


The solar eclipse is not the only reason for casting your eyes towards the heavens this year. Here are a few tantalizing nuggets to keep your interest going:

On February 11, if you get up early enough, you may be able to see a comet go.  The comet 45P will go around the Sun in December. This comet was named 45P after the scientists who first catalogued it..

On March 29th, look toward the westward to see the thin crescent moon which will form a triangle to Mercury. forming a celestial triangle with Mercury  This will be the time to see Mercury at its brightest and highest in our skies. Normally it is hard to see because of the sunlight.

Great American Eclipse

November 13th, at dawn Jupiter will pair up with Venus. You will need to closely look with binoculars, as the sun will quickly drown out the view.

A special thanks to my friend, David Bates from Bates Nursery & Garden Center here in Donelson for this information. Bates is open from 8am-4pm, Monday-Friday all winter. They are located at 3810 Whites Creek Pike in Nashville.

Apr 142016

5 free things to do in Nashville

Nashville Skyline

Nashville is one of the largest cities in the South East of USA. It is regarded as the capital for country music and jam packed with things to do.

But what happens if you are on a budget?

Well we have a list of 5 free things you can do in Nashville:

NUMBER ONE: Nashville has a beautiful park for you to go wondering in with your friends or family. Get away from the busy city with this relaxing place. Walk through the woods, or visit the flower gardens or even access Wi-Fi for free and Snapchat your favorite parts
Parthenon Nashville

Also check out the Parthenon which is the center piece for the park, and is based on the temple in Greece that was built for the Greek Goddess Athena. This place has something for everyone which means you will have the chance to meet lots of great people.

Centennial Park - Parthenon in Nashville

NUMBER TWO: Check out Team Green Adventures, they do free events where you can go with your friends or family. Their focus is on health and the environment, so they come up with creative ways to combine the two. This includes outdoor treks, star gazing, cycling, camping you name a creative way to have fun with other people outdoors and they probably do it. Best of all they do free events where you can join in for free, you can also upgrade to a membership and get extra benefits, but the free events are a great way to get started.

Outdoors in Music City

NUMBER THREE: Take a look at the Art Crawl which is held on the first Saturday of each month. This place is full of great art and great music, and on top of all that you get wine and snacks, for you and your friends and family to eat and drink. What more could you want?  Join hundreds of people to see some fantastic works of art from local artists to artists from the other side of the world.
Nashville Art Crawl
NUMBER FOUR: Go check out an outdoor movie they are held during the summer. Centennial Park has them on in June and the Belcourt Theatre which is a nonprofit cinema is holding pop up screenings around town while it is currently being renovated.

Belcourt Theatre Outdoor Movies

NUMBER FIVE:  Anderson Beach is the place to be if you are looking for a good place to go and relax. It is rated as one of the best beaches on the lake. It has some woods surrounding it which means it’s great for adventures and camping or just going for a swim in the lake.  There are loads of free activities you can do here including if you want to get away from it all and go fishing.

Anderson Beach - Piercy Priest Lake

BONUS! NUMBER SIX:  If you are in to health and fitness there is a Tuesday night event on down at everyone’s favorite place Centennial Park. They do Yoga and also Volleyball so take you pick on which you would like to do. Everyone is there to have a good time have fun, with the added benefit of staying fit and healthy.